Author Donates Earnings for Charcot-Marie-Tooth Research

by Keri Calandro : 11/19/2011 12:17:45 PM : Category: general information


Would you ever think that a family saga and love story which builds to a plot of political intrigue, during a United States Presidential election, could provide funds for CMT research?    RJ Huddy, the author of No Senator’s Son, believes so.  As with his two previous books The Verse of the Sword and Learn Thai with Me,  Mr. Huddy will donate 100% of the royalties from No Senator’s Son to HNF’s innovative research program: Therapeutic Research in Accelerated Discovery (TRIAD).  TRIAD encourages cutting-edge research at a progressive pace while addressing specific needs of people with CMT.

Mr. Huddy credits his daily walks, or bike rides, of at least one hour and a dose of luck with keeping him active in spite of a diagnosis of severe CMT years ago.  “One doctor told me to prepare myself to be confined to a wheelchair by the age of 50.”   For the last three years, Huddy now 62, has celebrated his birthday with a 15.5 mile walk he calls my “Walk for Spite.”

What about his characters? Do they have CMT?  “I don’t write specifically about CMT, although I do include people who have been physically impaired through no fault of their own.  I simply write books that I think I would like to read. They are stories driven by characters who love, are loved, lose love; characters who have to deal with family dynamics.  With a bit of humor.  That would be my favorite kind of book to read.  So that’s what I try to write.”   No Senator’s Son, a very interesting as well as enjoyable read, certainly fits that description. 

Huddy’s wit is also reflected in his attitude about life with CMT.  “I live under the conviction that, while the shape of our spines or the coatings on our nerves may be totally out of our control, we have a lot to say about how happy we are.  That’s the main thing.  Happiness trumps all of life’s other crap.” 

No Senator’s Son is currently available only through Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats.   Usually $17.50, the paperback is currently $12.58 and the Kindle version is $2.99.  With the holiday gift- giving season about to begin, No Senator’s Son makes a great and affordable present for just about anyone on your list.  And with each purchase, 100% of the royalties will go toward CMT research.  Now, that makes a great present!

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